The ecosystem
at the service of the living

The Alkïos ecosystem aims to support the integration of environmental stakes and more specifically the biodiversity into the design and implementation of projects, business models and companies and local communities' strategies.


Expertise of natural medias


Regulatory files
Contaminated land
Works design and supervision


Ecological survey of aquatic and terrestrial environments via eDNA —

Noise and eDNA monitoring of marine environment


CSR HSQE, Quality of work life
Company strategies
Raison d'être

Our ecosystem brings you :

  • A global expertise onto the biodiversity, environmental and societal issues,

  • Across the complete life-cycle of a project: diagnostic, design, implementation, monitoring, assessment.

  • With the added value carried by R&D and Innovation.

Our areas of intervention :

  • Technical engineering

  • Financing

  • Real estate strategy

  • Communication and actions valuing

12 offices with multi-sector skills

The Alkïos team cover the entire French metropolitan area, through 12 offices with multi-sector skills.

Alkïos also frequently completes assignments in French Guyanna, West Indies and New-Caledonia.

Our team is present internationally as part of scientific campaigns.

Deontology, ethics, societal and environmental added value are the values that drive our choices. By bringing solutions which incorporate territorial, environmental and human stakes we build with our clients tomorrow’s economy.

The CSR commitment at the heart of our ecosystem.

This commitment materializes in particular through our contribution to the alliance “Vigilfe International, Observatory of the living.